Digital form

Digital forms, why?

Streamline the document flow and digitise as many of the formsused in the field as possible. The digital form allows you to complete a set of questions onlinedirectly from your office or mobile device. Once completed, this report can be submitted for validation, sent or printed in pdf format. The forms are embedded in a document management system to be as complete as possible.

Example of a pre-formatted digital form

Catalogue of available forms

  • Contrôle périodique
  • Formulaire de relevé de compteurs machines
  • Formulaire de suivi de chantier (intervenant, commentaire, photos, …)
  • Notification de non conformités de chantier
  • Check-list de chantier
  • Formulaire de réception de chantier
  • Intégration des données sources de Hit-Office
  • Formulaire de demande de congés
  • Formulaire de réception de matériel
  • Notification de besoin d’interventions
  • Saisie de consommation d’équipement


  • Catalogue of pre-formatted forms (list of forms)

  • Form with repetitive questions

  • Fully customisable form

  • Integrated validation option

  • Integrated printing

  • Integration of source data

  • Integrated document management

  • Available on all platforms

  • Synchronisation option possible with Hit-Office modules

Your benefits

  • Multi-platform mode

    (forms are available on Windows, Android and Mac)

  • More than 20 pre-configured forms

  • Create your own forms

  • Limit paper forms

    (forms are available on Windows, Android and Mac)

  • Integration of your ERP source data

  • Automatic PDF generation

  • Minimise the administrative part and gain in productivity

  • Set up notifications to particular profiles

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